Alex Wassabi’s Brothers and Sister Revealed!

Alex Wassabi's Brothers and Sister Revealed!

Who are Alex Wassabi’s Brothers and Sister?

In one of the videos on Aaron Burriss’s YouTube channel, it was revealed that Alex Wassabi’s brothers are Andrew and Aaron Burriss, with Andrew being the younger brother. Andrew, born on December 17, 2002, is a rising star in the world of social media with his own YouTube channel, DrewTubeHD. Aaron Burriss, also known as Lazyron Studios, is the older brother of Alex. He delights audiences with his humorous content on his YouTube channel. Additionally, Alex has a sister named Mariah Burriss, who, while not as prominent on social media, contributes to the family’s creative spirit. Together, they form a talented and close-knit family, each making their mark in the world of online content creation.

Is Alex Wassabi and Roi Wassabi Are Brothers?

Alex Wassabi and Comedy Partner Rio

One common misconception surrounding Alex Wassabi is the belief that he and Roi Wassabi are brothers. However, this is not the case. Roi Wassabi, whose real name is Roi Fabito, is a close friend and comedy partner of Alex. Together, they co-founded Wassabi Productions and created viral content that captivated audiences worldwide. Despite their camaraderie and collaborative efforts, Alex Wassabi and Roi Wassabi are not siblings but share a strong bond forged through their shared passion for content creation.

Who is Alex Wassabi?

Alex Wassabi

Born as Alex Burriss on March 28, 1990, in Great Falls, Montana, USA, Alex Wassabi rose to prominence as a YouTube sensation. His comedic flair and engaging personality have earned him a massive following, with over 11 million subscribers on his Wassabi channel. Initially launching his channel as Wassabi Productions alongside Roi Fabito, Alex gained recognition for his parody videos and entertaining collaborations. Over the years, he transitioned to solo content creation, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the online community. Beyond YouTube, Alex Wassabi has ventured into television series and movies, showcasing his versatility and creative prowess.

Who is Andrew Burriss?

Alex Wassabi's Brothers Andrew Burriss
Alex Wassabi’s Brothers Andrew Burriss

Andrew Burriss, one of Alex Wassabi’s brothers, is a rising star in his own right. Born on December 17, 2002, Andrew has carved a niche for himself in the world of social media and YouTube. In June 2019, he launched his own YouTube channel, DrewTubeHD, which has garnered a substantial following of over 178K subscribers. Andrew’s content primarily revolves around challenge videos, pranks, and vlogs, resonating with audiences of all ages. His frequent collaborations with his brothers, Alex and Aaron Burriss, highlight the strong familial bond and creative synergy shared among the Burriss siblings.

Who is Aaron Burriss?

Alex Wassabi's Brothers Aaron Burriss
Alex Wassabi’s Brothers Aaron Burriss

Aaron Burriss, also known as Lazyron Studios, is another member of the Burriss clan making waves on YouTube. Born in the Philippines and currently based in Los Angeles, Aaron is one of Alex Wassabi’s brothers. He has captivated audiences with his humorous and engaging content on his Lazyron Studios YouTube channel. Aaron showcases a diverse range of videos, including parodies, pranks, sketches, and vlogs. His dynamic collaborations with Alex Wassabi, his brother, and occasional appearances by his wife, Veronica Merrell, add an extra layer of entertainment to his channel. With over 1.65M subscribers, Aaron continues to charm viewers with his infectious energy and comedic prowess.

Who is Mariah Burriss?

Alex Wassabi's Sister Mariah Burriss
Alex Wassabi’s Sister Mariah Burriss

Completing the talented quartet of siblings is Mariah Burriss, the sister of Alex, Andrew, and Aaron Burriss. While Mariah may not be as prominent on social media as her brothers, she shares their creative spirit and contributes to the Burriss family’s collective online presence. With a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, Mariah has amassed a significant following, showcasing her interests and experiences to an engaged audience. Beyond her online endeavors, Mariah takes pride in her role as a mother to her daughter, Malaya Burriss, embodying the values of family and creativity instilled by her upbringing.

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Alex Wassabi's Brothers Revealed!
From Aaron Burriss’s Exclusive ‘Brother Tag‘ YouTube Video

In summary, the Burriss family stands as a testament to the power of creativity, collaboration, and familial bonds in the realm of online content creation. Alex Wassabi, along with his brothers, Andrew and Aaron Burriss, and sister Mariah Burriss, continues to captivate audiences with their unique talents and infectious enthusiasm. Together, Alex Wassabi’s brothers and sister showcase the strength found in unity and shared passions, each carving their own path in the digital landscape while contributing to the collective impact of the Burriss family’s creative endeavors.

FAQs Related to The ‘Alex Wassabi’s Brothers and Sister Revealed!’

Who are Alex Wassabi’s Brothers?

Alex Wassabi’s brothers are Andrew and Aaron Burriss. Andrew Burriss is the younger brother, while Aaron Burriss is the older brother.

Who is Alex Wassabi’s Sister?

Alex Wassabi’s sister is Mariah Burriss. She is the only sister among the Burriss siblings.

Is Roi Wassabi Alex Wassabi’s Brother?

No, Roi Wassabi, also known as Roi Fabito, is not Alex Wassabi’s brother. Roi is a close friend and comedy partner of Alex, but they are not siblings.

Do Alex Wassabi’s Brothers Have Their Own YouTube Channels?

Yes, both Andrew and Aaron Burriss have their own YouTube channels. Andrew runs the channel DrewTubeHD, while Aaron operates Lazyron Studios.

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