Alvin Martin, Whoopi Goldberg’s Ex-Husband’s Wiki

Alvin Martin, Whoopi Goldberg's Ex-Husband's Wiki

Who is Alvin Martin?

Alvin Martin is a relatively private figure, recognized as the former husband of iconic American actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg. Born on July 29, 1958, Martin was a drug counselor and played a pivotal role in Goldberg’s life during her struggles with substance abuse. Their union, marked by the birth of their daughter Alexandrea in 1973, ended in 1979. Despite the brevity of their marriage, Alvin Martin remains an integral part of Goldberg’s personal history. Today, he is known as a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, contributing to a familial legacy that extends through generations in the entertainment industry.

Profile Overview

Full NameAlvin Louise Martin
Date of BirthJuly 29, 1958
Age (2023)64 years
Zodiac SignLeo
BirthplaceMerseyside, England
Current ResidenceUSA
Height6’0″ (182 cm)
Weight156 lbs (71 kgs)
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorBrown
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex-wifeWhoopi Goldberg
ChildrenOne (Alexandrea Martin)
ProfessionDrug Counselor
Net Worth (2023)Unknown (Alvin Martin’s net worth is not public)

Is Alvin Martin Still Alive?

As of the latest information available, Alvin Martin remains among the living. Despite maintaining a notably private life and limited presence on social media, there have been no reports of his demise. In a world where the personal lives of public figures are often scrutinized, Martin’s low-key existence adds an air of mystery.

Alvin Martin Family

Alvin Martin’s family is deeply woven into the fabric of Hollywood history. As the former spouse of legendary actress Whoopi Goldberg, he is the father of Alexandrea Martin, born in 1973. Alvin’s lineage extends to his grandchildren, including Amarah Skye, Jerzey Dean, and Mason Dean. Amarah,

Alvin’s eldest grandchild, is a notable artist and mother to Charli Rose. Jerzey Dean, an accomplished model and designer, runs her clothing brand, Jerzey Kennedy Designs. Mason Dean is involved in the entertainment industry as a performer and songwriter. Martin’s family not only reflects his legacy but also showcases a multi-generational impact in showbiz.

Who is Whoopi Goldberg?

Whoopi Goldberg, born Caryn Elaine Johnson on November 13, 1955, is an iconic American actress, comedian, author, and television personality. Rising to prominence in the 1980s, Goldberg’s versatile talent has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. She began her career as a stand-up comedian in San Diego before transitioning to Broadway with the critically acclaimed production of “The Little Foxes” in 1980.

Goldberg’s breakthrough in film came with Steven Spielberg’s “The Color Purple” in 1985, earning her an Academy Award nomination. She went on to achieve widespread acclaim in films like “Ghost,” “Sister Act,” and “The Lion King.” In addition to her acting prowess, Goldberg has hosted the Academy Awards multiple times, showcasing her dynamic presence and wit. Her enduring legacy extends beyond the screen, making her an influential figure in American popular culture.

Who are Whoopi Goldberg and Alvin Martin’s Children?

Whoopi Goldberg, renowned actress and comedian, has one daughter, Alexandrea “Alex” Martin Dean, born on May 9, 1973, from her first marriage to Alvin Martin, which lasted from 1973 to 1979. Goldberg’s marital journey continued with two subsequent marriages, first to cinematographer David Claessen (1986–1988) and then to actor Lyle Trachtenberg (1994–1995).

Despite the complexities of her relationships, her daughter Alex, born during her union with Alvin Martin, remains a constant and cherished presence in Goldberg’s life. The diverse marital experiences have added layers to Goldberg’s personal narrative, shaping her as both a mother and a multifaceted personality in the entertainment industry.

Who is Alex Martin, Daughter of Alvin Martin?

Alexandrea “Alex” Martin Dean, the daughter of Alvin Martin, was born on May 9, 1973, to Alvin and the iconic actress Whoopi Goldberg. Raised in California, Alex ventured into the entertainment industry, following in her mother’s footsteps. She is a versatile actress and producer who gained recognition for her work. Alex’s early life included facing financial struggles with her mother before Goldberg’s breakthrough in Hollywood. Despite her parents’ divorce, Alex maintained a close relationship with both, acknowledging Goldberg as one of her best friends.

In 2015, Alex and Goldberg collaborated on the reality TV show “According to Alex,” offering viewers a glimpse into their family dynamics. Alex is a mother of three—daughters Amara and Jerzey, and son Mason. Her journey reflects resilience, creativity, and the enduring bond with her famous mother, shaping her into a multifaceted individual in the entertainment world.

Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg’s Relationship

Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg’s relationship is a chapter in the life of the iconic actress that is often shrouded in mystery. Born on July 29, 1958, Alvin Louise Martin was a drug counselor in America. Their connection began professionally, with Martin counseling Goldberg during her struggles with substance abuse in her teenage years. This professional association evolved into a deep romantic relationship, and they got married in 1973. The union lasted six years, ending in 1979, with Goldberg attributing the divorce to her own struggles with traditional marital norms.

Despite the separation, Martin is an essential part of Goldberg’s life story, being the father of their daughter, Alexandrea “Alex” Martin. The relationship showcases a blend of personal and professional dynamics, contributing to Goldberg’s growth and ultimately leading to a significant chapter in her journey through love and family.

Why Did Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg Divorce?

Whoopi Goldberg and Alvin Martin divorced in 1979 after a six-year marriage. The reasons for their separation have been attributed to Goldberg’s difficulty in adhering to traditional marital norms. She acknowledged that she struggled to focus on the relationship and admitted to never truly being in love. Goldberg emphasized that settling down was never part of her plan, and she has only fallen in love once, without revealing further details. The divorce from Alvin Martin marked the end of Goldberg’s longest marriage and set the stage for subsequent relationships in her tumultuous romantic journey.


Alvin Martin’s career centered around his role as a professional drug counselor. Not much is known about his professional life beyond this, as details about his occupation and current endeavors remain elusive. His significant connection with actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg developed during his work as her drug counselor. While Alvin Martin’s career may not have garnered public attention or recognition, his impact on Goldberg’s life, especially during her struggles with substance abuse, played a pivotal role in their personal relationship. His focus on helping others overcome addiction reflects a commitment to mental and emotional well-being.

What is Alvin Martin’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Alvin Martin’s current net worth remains undisclosed and elusive to the public. Unlike his ex-wife Whoopi Goldberg, who has amassed an estimated fortune of $60 million, information about Martin’s financial status, assets, and income projections remains unknown.

Who Stands as the Father to Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg’s Grandchildren?

Bernard Dean, a highly acclaimed American producer, is the proud father figure to Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg’s cherished grandchildren. Renowned for his exceptional contributions to the film industry, especially with the well-received short film “Delicate Men,” Bernard’s reputation soared after his marriage to Alexandrea Martin in 2011.

Actively engaged in the lives of his grandchildren, Amarah Dean, Jerzey Dean, and Mason Dean, Bernard plays a pivotal role, providing guidance and influence that undoubtedly shapes their promising futures. His profound impact ensures that these grandchildren, under his care and mentorship, are well-equipped for success in their individual endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Whoopi Goldberg

Who is Alvin Martin?

Alvin Martin was born on July 29, 1958. He is best known as the former husband of the legendary American actress and comedian, Whoopi Goldberg.

What was Alvin Martin’s profession?

Alvin Martin worked as a drug counselor. He played a significant role in Goldberg’s life, helping her overcome substance abuse during her teenage years.

How many children does Alvin Martin have?

Alvin Martin has one daughter named Alexandrea Martin, commonly known as Alex, whom he shares with Whoopi Goldberg.

What happened to Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg’s marriage?

Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg were married in 1973 but divorced in 1979. Goldberg later revealed that she was the one to end the relationship, citing difficulties in commitment and love.

Is Alvin Martin still alive?

Yes, as of now, there has been no news or information regarding Alvin Martin’s death. He remains active in the public eye through his association with his daughter and former wife, both of whom are prominent figures in Hollywood.

What is Alvin Martin’s age?

As of 2023, Alvin Martin is 64 years old, having been born on July 29, 1958.

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