Amber Reyes Wikipedia, Age, Height, Kids

Amber Reyes Wikipedia, Age, Height, Kids

Amber Reyes, a name that resonates with success and entrepreneurial spirit, has captivated the attention of many with her achievements in the business world. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into various aspects of Amber Reyes Wikipedia, exploring details about her age, height, family, movie ventures, and net worth.

Amber Reyes Wikipedia

Full NameAmber Reyes Morris
Birth DateAugust (Specific day and year not publicly known)
BirthplaceNew York, United States
SpouseWanya Morris (married in 2019)
Children– Step-mother to 6 children from Wanya Morris’s previous marriage (4 boys, 2 girls)
– Daughter named Anela Morris (less than one year old)
CareerFounder and CEO of L.A. Laser, a renowned laser spa with locations in Las Vegas, Oahu, and Maui
AchievementsL.A. Laser awarded “Best Laser Spa of 2022”
Notable EventsWedding attended by Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Boyz II Men member Shawn Stockman
Public PresenceActive on Instagram with over 100k followers, sharing daily life and family moments
Additional NoteMarried Wanya Morris in 2019 without being legally divorced from Traci Nash

Who is Amber Reyes?

Amber Reyes

Amber Reyes, is a prominent figure recognized for her flourishing career as a businesswoman. Originating from New York, United States, Amber has carved out a significant reputation not just as a successful entrepreneur but also as a socialite. In addition to her professional achievements, she has attracted attention due to her association with Wanya Morris.

What is Amber Reyes’s Age, Height, and Weight?

Amber Reyes Wikipedia, Age, Height, Kids All in details

As of the latest available information, Amber’s age remains undisclosed. Her date of birth falls in August, although the specific day and year are not publicly known. While details about her height and weight are not readily available in public records, it is known that she is relatively tall with a decent weight.

Who is Amber Reyes’s Husband?

Wanya Morris Second Wife Amber Reyes
Wanya Morris Second Wife Amber

Amber Reyes is married to Wanya Morris. The couple tied the knot in 2019, celebrating their union in an intimate ceremony in Aruba. Importantly, Morris married Amber Reyes in 2019 without being legally divorced from Traci Nash. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Boyz II Men member Shawn Stockman attended the wedding, adding another layer to Amber’s life as a public figure and successful businesswoman.

Who are Amber Reyes’s Kids?

Wanya Morris Youngest Daughter
Wanya Morris Youngest Daughter

Amber Reyes is the stepmother to Wanya Morris’s six children from his first marriage to Traci Nash, comprising four boys and two girls. Additionally, Amber Reyes and Wanya Morris share their own child, a daughter named Anela Morris, who is less than one year old.

Amber Reyes Early Life

Amber’s early life is rooted in a small island in Hawaii, where she gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by the local community. Growing up in a thriving tourism and hotel industry, she realized the importance of pursuing business to overcome difficulties.

Amber Reyes Education

At the age of 14, Amber, driven by her determination and passion for the health sector, decided to pursue a career in the industry. Her journey in the beauty and skincare industry attests to her commitment to personal and professional growth.

Amber Reyes Career

Amber Reyes Won Awards

Amber’s journey into entrepreneurship began with her role in a prominent laser hair removal company. Recognizing a critical issue, she embarked on the path to address it, eventually leading to the establishment of her own business, LA Laser. The boutique-style laser spa, founded in 2014, quickly expanded to include locations in Las Vegas, Oahu, and Maui.

L.A. Laser gained recognition for its innovative approach, offering membership programs and hosting events like “Fancy Fridays, Botox, and Bubbles.” Amber’s commitment to providing affordable services and creating a loyal client base speaks volumes about her dedication to the beauty industry.

What is Amber Reyes’s Net Worth?

Amber Reyes With Husband

Amber Reyes’s net worth, estimated at $1 million, reflects her substantial success with L.A. Laser, recognized as the “Best Laser Spa of 2022.” While specific figures are not publicly disclosed, the accolades received signify significant financial achievements in the beauty and skincare industry. As L.A. Laser continues to thrive, Amber’s net worth is poised for further growth, underscoring her entrepreneurial prowess and impact in the business world.

Amber Reyes Instagram and Facebook Presence

Amber Reyes Instagram
Social Media PlatformUsername/HandleFollowers/Likes

Amber, maintains a strong online presence with 182K followers on her Instagram handle @adr808. On Facebook, she has a more modest following of 101. Despite the varying audience sizes, Amber actively engages with her followers, offering a mix of lifestyle content, personal updates, and insights into her roles as a businesswoman and family person.

Amber Reyes Quick Facts

  • Amber, a thriving entrepreneur, owns and operates L.A. Laser, featured on
  • L.A. Laser clinched the “Best Laser Spa in Las Vegas 2022” title for four consecutive years.
  • Amber shares her love for dogs, revealing a softer side beyond her business success.

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Amber Reyes emerges as a multifaceted personality, blending her entrepreneurial prowess with a commitment to the beauty industry. While aspects of her personal life remain private, her professional journey, dedication to skincare, and impact in the business world are evident. As Amber continues to make strides in her career, her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals navigating the complexities of the business landscape.

FAQs Related to The Amber Reyes Wikipedia

Who is Amber Reyes’s husband?

Amber is married to Wanya Morris, a well-known member of the R&B group Boyz II Men. They tied the knot in 2019.

Does Amber Reyes have children?

Yes, Amber and Wanya Morris have a daughter named Anela Morris, who is less than one year old. Additionally, Wanya Morris has six children from his previous marriage to Traci Nash, making Amber a stepmother to them.

Who is Amber Reyes’s daughter?

Amber’s daughter is named Anela Morris. She is the child of Amber and Wanya, born after their marriage in 2019.

Why is Amber Reyes so famous?

Amber gained fame through her successful career as a businesswoman, notably as the Founder and CEO of L.A. Laser, a renowned laser spa with locations in Las Vegas, Oahu, and Maui. Her association with Wanya Morris and their publicized wedding has also contributed to her recognition in the media.

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