Andre August (Boxer) Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Parents, Net Worth, Stats

Andre August (Boxer) Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Parents, Net Worth, Stats

Who is Andre August?

Andre August, a prominent figure in the world of professional boxing, has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts with his remarkable skills in the ring. Born on September 30, 1988, in Beaumont, Texas, August has not only carved a niche for himself in the boxing arena but has also become a symbol of resilience and dedication.

Andre August Biography

Nick NameSilverback
Date of BirthSeptember 30, 1988
Age (as of 2023)35
Height5 feet 10 inches
WeightAround 200 pounds
Place of BirthBeaumont, Texas, United States
Place of ResidenceHouston, Texas, United States
EducationCentral Senior High School (graduated in 2006)<br>Blinn College (Associate Degree in Kinesiology, 2009)
FatherMcKinley August
SiblingsMicah August (Brother), Mack August (Brother), Diane August (Sister)
Marital StatusMarried
WifeShah August (Name not officially confirmed)
ChildrenSon and Daughter – Makai Lydia August
OccupationProfessional Boxer
Boxing Record10-2-1, 5 KOs
Last FightJake Paul on December 15, 2023, in Orlando, Florida
Net Worth (estimated)$325,000
Religious BeliefsDevout Christian, frequently shares faith on social media

What is Andre August’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

Andre August (Boxer)

While specific details about Andre August’s ethnicity may not be explicitly stated, he proudly represents American nationality. His journey from a challenging upbringing to boxing stardom contributes to the diverse tapestry of American athletes.

What is Andre August’s Age, Height, and Weight?

At the age of 35, Andre August stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches, weighing approximately 200 pounds. His physical attributes align with the requirements of the cruiserweight division, showcasing a well-balanced physique tailored for success in his chosen weight class.

Who are Andre August’s Parents?

Andre August With His Father

The cornerstone of Andre August’s boxing journey is rooted in familial influence, particularly from his father, McKinley August. A former boxer himself, McKinley played a pivotal role in inspiring Andre to pursue the sport. This familial support has not only shaped Andre’s career but has also contributed significantly to his success.

Who are Andre August’s Siblings?

Andre August Family

A close-knit family, the August household includes two brothers and a sister. Micah August, Andre’s brother, shares his passion for boxing and is an integral part of his training team at FightSaga Boxing. Another sibling, Mack August, pursues a career in music under the moniker Mack 10. The youngest sister, Diane, is dedicated to her studies in business administration at Lamar University.

Who is Andre August’s Wife?

Andre August’s personal life is complemented by a joyous marriage, though the official confirmation of his wife’s name may not be readily available. The couple shares the joys of parenthood, raising a son and a daughter, Makai Lydia August, from Andre’s previous relationship. Together, they form a family unit that adds to the boxer’s overall life narrative.

Andre August’s Early Life

Born into challenging circumstances in Beaumont, Texas, August faced the hardships of poverty and limited opportunities. However, it was during these formative years that his passion for boxing ignited. Training at a local gym, he quickly gained recognition for his raw talent and unwavering determination.

Andre August Education

August’s educational journey includes completing high school at Central Senior High School, where his active participation in football and basketball hinted at the athleticism that would define his future career. Furthering his academic pursuits, he studied kinesiology at Blinn College, earning an associate degree in 2009.

Andre August Career

Andre August (Boxer) Wikipedia

The genesis of Andre August’s boxing career occurred at the age of 24 in 2013. His professional debut marked a swift and decisive victory against Steven Medrano, setting the tone for a series of impressive performances. Under the guidance of former world champion Reggie Johnson in 2014, August continued to refine his skills, securing victories in subsequent fights.

Despite a setback in 2016 against Eric Abraham, August staged a triumphant comeback in 2020, winning all four fights that year. His most recent victory, achieved on August 28, 2023, against Brandon Martin by technical knockout, further solidifies his position as a formidable cruiserweight boxer.

Is Andre August a Skilled Fighter?

Without a doubt, Andre August has proven his mettle as a skilled and resilient fighter in the competitive world of professional boxing. Boasting a record of 10 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw, including five wins by knockout, he stands as a testament to the dedication and perseverance required to succeed in the sport.

Andre August Vs Jake Paul: A Bout That Propelled August into the Limelight

This fight has brought August into the spotlight. In a brief yet intense bout, Jake Paul emerged triumphant with a knockout just 2 minutes and 32 seconds into the fight. Despite the challenging reputation of his opponent, Paul’s victory further solidifies his 8-1 overall record and commitment to achieving a world champion title in professional boxing. While open to lucrative matchups, Paul remains focused on crafting a compelling sports narrative, making this fight a pivotal moment in his journey. The Orlando crowd witnessed a rapid and electrifying performance at Caribe Royale Resort.

Andre August Stats

Beyond the narrative of victories and setbacks, August’s statistical achievements provide a quantitative perspective on his boxing prowess. With a record of 10 wins, 2 loss, and 1 draw, he currently holds a ranking as the 96th-best cruiserweight globally by BoxRec and the 18th-best in the United States.

Andre August’s Social Media Presence

Andre August Instagram
Instagramsilverback_bmg3,000 followers
Facebookandre.r.august1,000 friends
Not verified

Ahead of his recent fight, August, the cruiserweight boxer known as “Silverback,” actively engaged fans across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With over 3,000 Instagram followers, he offered glimpses into his training and personal life. On Facebook, where he had 1,000 friends, he shared deeper insights and expressions of faith. Twitter, under @SilverbackAugust, served for quick updates and engagement. His social media not only built anticipation for bouts but also showcased his multifaceted identity, connecting him with a broader audience. As a devout Christian, his online presence was a dynamic blend of athleticism, faith, and personal connection, contributing to his brand and career.

Following his recent loss, there have been reports that August may have deleted his social media accounts, leaving fans searching for updates. However, as of now, the accounts remain unavailable after the fight, raising questions about the boxer’s online presence. This move, if confirmed, suggests a possible retreat from the digital realm in the aftermath of the match. Fans accustomed to following his journey on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter may find the absence surprising, sparking speculation about the boxer’s post-fight decisions and his approach to managing his online identity.

What is Andre August’s Net Worth?

Andre August

As of the latest estimates, Andre August’s net worth is estimated to be around $325,000. This financial success is attributed to his earnings from his boxing career, ownership and management of Augu$t-Boy Promotions, and endorsements from reputable brands in the industry, including Rival Boxing Gear, Beast Mode Supplements, and The Fight Doctor.

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In conclusion, Andre August’s journey is not just a narrative of victories and defeats but a compelling story of resilience, determination, and familial support. As he prepares for his upcoming bout against Jake Paul, the world watches with anticipation, eager to witness the next chapter in the career of this accomplished boxer.


Who is Andre August?

Andre August, known by his moniker “Silverback,” is a cruiserweight boxer hailing from Beaumont, Texas. He gained attention for his dynamic presence in the professional boxing scene, actively engaging fans through social media platforms.

What is Andre August’s age?

As of today, Andre August was born on September 30, 1988, making him 35 years old.

Who is Andre August’s wife?

Andre August is married to Shah August. However, the official confirmation of his wife’s name might be subject to privacy considerations.

What are Andre August’s stats?

As of the latest available data, Andre August boasts a professional boxing record of 10 wins, 2 loss, and 1 draw. His achievements include five victories by knockout. He competes in the cruiserweight division and has been ranked globally and nationally.

Did Andre August delete his Instagram?

As of December 16, 2023, there have been reports suggesting that August may have deleted his Instagram account. However, it is advisable to verify his Instagram handle for more information.

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