Garrett Gee Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Biography

Garrett Gee Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Biography

Explore the Garrett Gee Wikipedia page to uncover fascinating insights into the life of this accomplished entrepreneur. From his age and personal life, including his wife and family, to details about his impressive net worth and captivating biography, delve into the story of Garrett Gee.

Who is Garrett Gee?

Garrett Gee is a prominent entrepreneur, adventurer, and family man. Born on November 6, 1989, in Provo, Utah, Gee rose to prominence after founding Scan Inc. and later selling its app to Snapchat for $54 million in 2014. At 34 years old, Gee exemplifies success, family values, and a passion for exploration. He met his wife, Jessica, during their LDS missions in Vladivostok, Russia, and they have three children. Post-sale, the Gee family embarked on a global adventure, chronicled through their YouTube channel, “The Bucket List Family.” Garrett Gee remains an inspirational figure, epitomizing the pursuit of dreams and the importance of cherishing family.


Garrett Gee And His Daughter
Full NameGarrett Burton Gee
Date of BirthNovember 6, 1989
Age (As of 2024)34
Place of BirthProvo, Utah
EthnicityFilipino, Caucasian, Chinese, Spanish (mixed heritage)
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJessica Gee (married in 2009)
ChildrenDorothy, Manilla, Calihan
EducationBrigham Young University (Incomplete)
OccupationEntrepreneur, Athlete, Speaker
Known ForFounder of Scan Inc., featured on “Shark Tank”
Notable AchievementSold Scan app to Snapchat for $54 million
HometownProvo, Utah
Current CityHawaii, United States
PassionsEntrepreneurship, Travel, Sports, Health
Net Worth+$60 million

What is Garrett Gee Ethnicity and Nationality?

Garrett Gee Wikipedia, Biography

Garrett Gee’s ethnicity reflects a mixed heritage of Filipino, Caucasian, Chinese, and Spanish origins. As for Garrett Gee’s nationality, he is American.

What is Garrett Gee Age, Height, and Weight?

Born on November 6, 1989, Garrett Gee is currently 34 years old. Specific details regarding his height and weight may not be widely publicized. However, his dynamic and energetic persona is often depicted through his adventures and public appearances.

Who are Garrett Gee’s Parents?

Garrett Gee’s parents are Joseph Gee and his mother, whose name is not known. Garrett Gee’s full name is Garrett Burton Gee, which is after his Grandpa, Burton Gee. Garrett’s parents went through a divorce when he was just nine years old. Following the split, he attended high school in Utah with his father and spent time in California with his mother. However, Garrett early life was not without challenges. His parents’ divorce led to his father’s remarriage. Unfortunately, this subsequent marriage lasted only six years

Who is Garrett Gee’s Wife?

Garrett Gee And Jessica Gee

Garrett Gee’s wife, Jessica Gee, is a YouTube star born on December 16, 1985, in the United States, under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. At 38 years old, Jessica brings her creative talents to the Bucket List Family’s YouTube channel, sharing their global adventures. They met during their missions in Vladivostok, Russia, and have been married since 2009. Jessica’s enthusiasm for exploration and her role as a supportive partner make her an essential component of the Gee family’s inspiring journey. Together with Garrett, she actively participates in documenting their travels and creating captivating content for their audience.

Who are Garrett Gee’s Kids?

Garrett Gee Kids Dorothy, Manilla, Calihan

Garrett Gee and Jessica Gee’s children are actively involved in their YouTube channel, The Bucket List Family. Dorothy, the eldest, contributes her adventurous spirit at 10 years old, while Manilla, at 8, adds his charm. Calihan, the youngest at 6, brings joy to their global explorations.

Early Life

Garrett’s early life was marked by the separation of his parents at a tender age. This experience, while undoubtedly challenging, contributed to the development of resilience and determination that later became hallmarks of his entrepreneurial journey. Despite the hardships, Gee pursued his education and ultimately embarked on a path that would redefine his life.


Garrett academic journey took him to Utah Highland for his schooling, and later, he enrolled at Brigham Young University. Although he did not complete his formal education, Gee’s decision to leave academia was fueled by the desire to launch his company, Scan Inc., and pursue his entrepreneurial vision.


Garrett Gee With His Faimly

Garrett Gee’s career journey began unexpectedly in 2009 when he received a smartphone and was dissatisfied with existing barcode-scanning apps. Alongside classmates Ben Turley and Kirk Ouimet, he founded Scan Inc. in 2011, with Gee serving as CEO. The company’s flagship app, “Scan,” gained widespread popularity, boasting over 25 million downloads by 2012.

In a remarkable turn of events, Snapchat acquired Scan Inc. for $54 million in 2014. Post-acquisition, Garrett and his family embarked on a global travel adventure, chronicled through their YouTube channel, “The Bucket List Family,” where they share their experiences with millions of viewers worldwide.

Did Garrett Gee Appear on Shark Tank?

Garrett Gee Initial Days First Kid Before Snapchat Deal

Yes, Garrett did go on “Shark Tank.” He appeared on Season 5, Episode 4 of the show in 2013 to showcase his business, Scan. The episode provided him with the opportunity to present his innovative business idea to the panel of investors, known as the “Sharks.” Scan, co-founded by Garrett Gee and two classmates during his college years, introduced a tool that simplified the creation of scannable codes linking to digital destinations, such as QR codes and NFC connectivity. Despite the challenges of seeking investment, Scan’s success continued to unfold beyond the show, making it one of the notable businesses to emerge from the “Shark Tank” experience.

What is Garrett Gee’s Net Worth?

Garrett Gee Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Based on Garrett Gee’s success in selling Scan Inc. to Snapchat for $54 million and his subsequent lucrative career on YouTube, his estimated net worth is believed to exceed $60 million as of today. Leveraging his entrepreneurial acumen and the popularity of his YouTube channel, “The Bucket List Family,” Gee has diversified his income streams and solidified his financial position. His ability to capitalize on his entrepreneurial ventures and engage with a vast online audience has undoubtedly contributed to his continued financial success.

Social Media

Garrett Gee Social Media

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Garrett life story is one of resilience, innovation, and a commitment to family values. From humble beginnings in Utah to becoming a tech entrepreneur and global explorer, Gee’s journey inspires individuals to pursue their passions and redefine success. As he continues to contribute to technology and philanthropy, Garrett Gee remains a symbol of embracing opportunities, cherishing family, and leaving a positive impact on the world.

FAQs Related to ‘Garrett Gee Wikipedia, Biography, Net Worth, Wife’

Did Garrett Gee appear on Shark Tank?

Yes, Garrett Gee appeared on “Shark Tank.” He showcased his business, Scan, in Season 5, Episode 4 in 2013.

What is Garrett Gee’s Net Worth?

Garrett Gee’s net worth is estimated to be over $60 million, fueled by the success of selling Scan Inc. to Snapchat for $54 million and his prosperous career on YouTube.

Who is Garrett Gee’s Wife?

Garrett wife is Jessica Gee. They met during their LDS missions in Vladivostok, Russia, got married in 2009, and together have three children.

Why is he so famous?

Garrett gained fame as the founder of Scan Inc. and for selling the Scan app to Snapchat for $54 million. The Gee family’s unique lifestyle, documented as the Bucket List Family, also contributed to their popularity.

What is Garrett Gee’s Age?

Garrett Gee was born on November 6, 1989. As of now, Garrett is 34 years old.

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