K Carbon Real Name, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Brother, Parents, Wiki

K Carbon Real Name, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Brother, Parents, Wiki

Who is K Carbon?

K Carbon, born Kimbrya McCraney on August 7, 2001, is a 22-year-old American rapper and social media sensation from Memphis, Tennessee. Known for her captivating storytelling and rhythmic flair, she rose to prominence with hit singles like “Carbon Freestyle” and collaborations with notable artists. With a unique blend of lyrical prowess and street-smart charisma, Carbon has become a household name in hip-hop. Her magnetic onstage presence, commitment to authenticity, and versatility in addressing social issues through her lyrics have earned her critical acclaim.

K Carbon Biography

Real NameKimbrya McCraney
Date of BirthAugust 7, 2001
BirthplaceMemphis, Tennessee
Age (as of 2023)22 years
EthnicityBlack African-American
Height5 feet 2 inches (157 cm)
Weight47 kg (103 lbs)
Estimated Net Worth$800,000 (as of 2023)
Career HighlightsDebut Album: “Urban Echoes” (2018)Notable Songs: “Carbon Freestyle,” “Set The Tone,” “No Cap”Collaborations with Gorilla, Aleza, Gloss Up, SlimeroniPerformance at SXSW

What is K Carbon’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

K Carbon Looks

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, K Carbon proudly embraces her Black African-American ethnicity and holds American nationality. Her roots in the vibrant streets of Memphis contribute to the rich cultural tapestry that has shaped her identity and artistic expression.

What is K Carbon’s Age, Height, and Weight?

As of 2023, K Carbon is 22 years old, standing at a petite height of 5 feet 2 inches and weighing around 47 kg, showcasing not only her musical prowess but also her captivating physical presence.

Are K Carbon’s Hair Naturally Curly?

K Carbon Hair

K Carbon’s natural hair texture remains undisclosed as of the available information. While the artist is renowned for her ever-evolving and bold hairstyles, ranging from vibrant colors to edgy cuts, or flaunting natural curls, her ever-changing hair complements the vibrant persona that defines her artistic image. Details about the inherent curl pattern of her hair have not been explicitly shared. Fans admire her versatility and creativity in experimenting with different looks, adding an element of excitement to her overall artistic persona. However, the specific details regarding whether her hair is naturally curly or not are yet to be confirmed by Carbon.

Who are K Carbon’s Parents?

While K Carbon holds her family dear, she has chosen to keep her parents’ identities private. Although she occasionally shares glimpses of her family life on Instagram, she respects their privacy by not officially revealing their names.

Who are K Carbon’s Brother?

The details about Carbon’s siblings, including whether she has a brother, remain undisclosed. The rapper, known for her tight-knit family bonds, has kept information about her brother, if any, away from the public eye.

Who are K Carbon’s Boyfriend?

K Carbon

K Carbon, the enigmatic artist, has managed to keep her romantic life well-guarded. As of now, she has not publicly disclosed details about her boyfriend or her relationship status. Her focus appears to be on her career and music, leaving fans curious about the mysteries of her personal life.

K Carbon Early Life

K Carbon’s real name is Kimbrya McCraney. Born on August 7, 2001, in Memphis, Tennessee, she emerged from a musically enriched early life. Raised in a household where her father was a rapper and her mother a singer, Carbon’s journey into the world of music began at a young age. Encouraged by her father to explore her talent, she started writing songs as a child, although it wasn’t until later that she fully embraced her potential. Her early experiences in a family steeped in music provided a fertile ground for her artistic development, laying the groundwork for Carbon’s eventual rise in the music industry.

K Carbon Education

While details about Carbon’s formal education are not extensively documented, her artistic journey began under the guidance of her father, a rapper himself, who encouraged her to pursue her latent talent. This early support laid the foundation for her rapid rise in the music industry.

K Carbon Career

K Carbon Career

Carbon’s journey in the music industry has been marked by unparalleled success. Her meteoric rise is evident through a series of hit singles, notable collaborations, and the release of her debut album, “Urban Echoes,” in 2018. This album served as a testament to her versatility, showcasing a seamless blend of diverse musical influences.

Renowned for her gritty storytelling, Carbon fearlessly tackles social issues, systemic challenges, and draws from personal experiences in her lyrics. This commitment to authenticity has garnered her critical acclaim. Collaborating with industry giants has further solidified her status as a sought-after artist, known for a magnetic onstage presence.

Over the years, Carbon’s musical prowess has not only earned her a dedicated fan base but also positioned her as a distinctive voice in the industry. Her impactful performances and ability to address relevant themes through her music have contributed to her standing as a noteworthy and influential artist.

What is K Carbon’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, K Carbon has successfully turned her passion into a lucrative career, amassing an estimated net worth of around $800,000. Beyond chart-topping albums, her financial success extends to sponsorships, products, and strategic investments, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

Social Media Presence

K Carbon spotify
Social Media PlatformHandleFollowers/SubscribersLikes (if applicable)
Spotify@Karbon237,213 monthly listeners
All data as of December 2023.

Carbon has crafted a compelling presence across various social media platforms, connecting with fans and showcasing her influence in the digital realm.

Instagram (@kcarbon__)

  • Boasting a sizable Instagram following of 533K, Carbon shares captivating moments, music updates, and glimpses into her life, fostering a vibrant online community.

TikTok (@kcarbon__)

  • On TikTok, Carbon has emerged as a sensation with 262.8K followers and an impressive 2.9M likes. Her engaging content resonates with the TikTok community, contributing to her growing online influence.

Spotify (@K Karbon)

  • Demonstrating her prowess in the music domain, Carbon commands attention on Spotify with 237,213 monthly listeners. Her tracks resonate globally, solidifying her impact on the contemporary music scene.

YouTube (@kcarbon_)

  • With a thriving YouTube channel, Carbon has amassed 32.7K subscribers. The channel serves as a hub for her music videos, vlogs, and diverse content, offering fans an immersive glimpse into her artistic journey.

Across these platforms, Carbon’s social media presence reflects not only her musical talent but also her ability to engage and resonate with a diverse audience, making her a notable figure in the digital landscape.

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K Carbon

In conclusion, Carbon’s journey from the lively streets of Memphis to the global stage is a testament to her talent, resilience, and dedication. As a rapper, songwriter, and social media sensation, she continues to break barriers, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop. With a promising future ahead, Carbon remains an intriguing and influential figure in the world of music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is K Carbon’s real name?

K Carbon’s real name is Kimbrya McCraney.

What is K Carbon’s age?

As of December 2023, K Carbon is 22 years old.

Who are K Carbon’s parents?

While K Carbon has not publicly disclosed the names of her parents, she hails from a musically inclined family, with her father being a rapper and her mother a singer.

How tall is K Carbon?

K Carbon stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm).

What is K Carbon’s net worth?

As of 2023, K Carbon’s estimated net worth is around $800,000, reflecting her success in the music industry and various business ventures.

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