Lyn Lear Wikipedia Age, Height, Children, Birthday, Net Worth

Lyn Lear Wikipedia Age, Height, Children, Birthday, Net Worth

Who is Lyn Lear?

Lyn Lear, born on May 14, 1947, is a woman of substantial achievement known for her contributions to film production, environmental advocacy, and academia. As the wife of iconic TV creator Norman Lear, Lyn played an integral role in his life and accomplishments. A talented documentary filmmaker, Lyn co-founded the Environmental Media Association, addressing critical cultural issues. Holding a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, she connected with Norman over shared intellectual interests. Lyn’s diverse endeavors, from filmmaking to philanthropy, leave an enduring legacy, marking her as a multifaceted individual dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

Lyn Lear Bio

Full NameLyn Davis Lear
Date of BirthMay 14, 1947
Age76 (As of 2023)
Height 5 feet 5 inches
OccupationEmmy-nominated Filmmaker, Environmentalist, Political Activist
EducationPh.D. in Clinical Psychology
Marital StatusMarried to Norman Lear
ChildrenThree adult children: Benjamin Davis Lear, Madelaine Rose Lear, Brianna Elizabeth Lear
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
Notable Projects“The Great Hack,” “The Fight,” “Fantastic Fungi,” and more
Awards and HonorsHollywood Icon Award, Amicus Award (with Norman Lear)
Board MembershipsSundance Institute, LACMA, Norman Lear Center, and others
Environmental WorkCo-founder of Environmental Media Association (EMA)
PhilanthropyCo-founder of The Lear Family Foundation
Social MediaInstagram: @lyndlear

What is Lyn Lear’s Age, Height, and Weight?

As of 2023, Lyn Lear is 76 years old. Standing at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 55 kg, Lyn embodies a presence that reflects both grace and strength.

Who are Lyn Lear’s Husband and Children?

Lyn Lear Husband And Childern

Lyn Lear’s journey with Norman Lear, an iconic figure in the entertainment industry, spanned over three decades until his passing in December 2023. Lyn became Norman’s third wife, and their paths crossed in 1984 during a dinner party. The unconventional beginning of their relationship blossomed into a deep connection, leading to their marriage in 1987.

The duo introduced three children into their family: their son, Benjamin Davis Lear, arrived in 1988, alongside twin daughters, Madelaine Rose and Brianna Elizabeth Lear, born in 1994. Norman had three children from prior marriages: Ellen Lear, Kate Lear, and Maggie Lear.

Lyn Lear and Norman were Married For 36 Years

Lyn Lear And Norman Lear

Lyn and Norman’s enduring 36-year marriage was marked by a remarkable journey filled with mutual passion and shared accomplishments. They first crossed paths in 1984, deepening their connection over intellectual pursuits and a shared commitment to societal change. Lyn, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and environmentalist, complemented Norman’s iconic career as a TV creator. Their love story unfolded through collaborative philanthropy, including co-founding the Environmental Media Association. The couple weathered diverse film projects, including Emmy-nominated works like “The Great Hack” and “Fantastic Fungi,” showcasing their shared dedication to impactful storytelling. Lyn and Norman’s journey epitomized love, resilience, and a joint pursuit of making a positive impact on the world.

Lyn Lear Holds a Ph.D. in Psychology

Lyn Davis Lear holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, providing a foundation for her impactful roles as an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, environmentalist, and political activist. Her education amplifies the depth of her storytelling, addressing societal issues through documentaries. Lyn’s psychological expertise adds a unique perspective to her diverse contributions in film and advocacy.

Lyn Lear is Film Maker

Lyn Lear Wikipedia

Renowned as a versatile filmmaker, Lyn Lear has etched her name in the cinematic realm with impactful storytelling and a commitment to shedding light on societal issues. As an accomplished film producer and executive producer, Lyn’s portfolio boasts Emmy® and BAFTA-nominated films such as “The Great Hack,” “The Fight,” and HBO’s “The Vow.” Her cinematic endeavors extend to exploring topics ranging from climate change to modern medicine and technology.

Lyn has been a prominent figure at prestigious film festivals, premiering three films at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. Beyond filmmaking, she has contributed significantly to environmental causes, political activism, and garnered accolades, including the Hollywood Icon Award and the Global Green Millennium Award. Lyn Lear’s cinematic prowess resonates with a commitment to compelling narratives that resonate with audiences globally.

Lyn Lear is Dedicated Environmentalist

In 1987, Lyn and Norman co-founded the Environmental Media Association (EMA), playing a crucial role in promoting environmental causes within the entertainment industry. Lyn’s dedication to sustainability was recognized in 2016 when she received an award from UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

The Lear Family Foundation and Philanthropy

In 1997, Lyn and Norman founded The Lear Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization supporting various causes across the country. The foundation has partnered with organizations such as Hollywood Health and Society, Rainforest Alliance, Planned Parenthood, and The Rape Foundation, reflecting Lyn and Norman’s commitment to philanthropy.

What is Lyn Lear’s Net Worth?

Lyn Lear With husband

As of now, Lyn Lear’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $50 million. This substantial figure reflects her success in various fields, including film production and environmental advocacy.

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In conclusion, Lyn Lear’s life is a testament to passion, purpose, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact. From her multifaceted career in film production to her unwavering dedication to environmental causes and philanthropy, Lyn’s legacy extends far beyond the screen.

As we reflect on her journey with Norman Lear, it becomes evident that their union was a narrative of resilience, activism, and a dedication to leaving the world a better place. The story of the Lears is not just a tale of love but a profound narrative of two individuals who made enduring contributions to society through their shared values and commitment to making a difference.


Who is Lyn Lear’s husband?

Lyn Lear’s husband is Norman Lear, an iconic TV creator and producer known for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Is Lyn Lear alive or dead?

As of December 2023, Lyn Lear is alive.

Is Norman Lear dead or alive?

Norman Lear passed away on December 5, 2023. He is no longer alive.

What is Lyn Lear’s ethnicity?

Lear’s ethnicity is not publicly disclosed. However, based on details about her husband Norman Lear’s Russian-Jewish descent, it’s plausible that Lyn Lear may share a similar background.

What is Lyn Lear’s height?

Lyn Lear is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

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