Marieangela King, Elijah Blue Allman’s Wife: All You Need To Know

Who is Marieangela King?

Marieangela King, also known as Marie Angela King, a renowned musician, singer, entrepreneur, and media personality, has carved her niche in the entertainment industry. Born on July 16, 1987, in Mumbai, India, she is celebrated for her role in the family band “King” and as the spouse of Elijah Blue Allman, a distinguished singer and musician.

Marieangela King is a multifaceted personality known for her contributions to the music industry. As a member of the family band “King,” which originated in 1997, she has showcased her talent as a musician, singer, and songwriter. Her journey in the world of entertainment has been enriched by her association with renowned figures in the industry, including her mother-in-law, the iconic American singer Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian).


Full Real NameMarieangela King
Nick NameMarie Angela King, Angela King
Date of BirthJuly 16, 1987
Age (as of 2023)36 years old
Place of BirthMumbai, India
NationalityGerman, British
ParentsMichael Jaffray King (Father), Irmgard King (Mother)
SiblingsTrillion King, David Lucius King, Jazzy King, Ruby King, Michelle King, Jemima King
Marital StatusMarried to Elijah Blue Allman
HusbandElijah Blue Allman
Marriage DateDecember 1, 2013
ChildrenNone (as of information available)
EducationHigh School Graduate, Homeschooled
ProfessionMusician, Singer, Entrepreneur, Media Personality
Career HighlightsMember of the King Family band since 1997
Net WorthEstimated at USD 1-2 Million (approx.)
Height and WeightApproximately 5’8″ tall, 55 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGrey

What is Marieangela King’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

Marie angela King

Marieangela King’s ethnic background is mixed, reflecting her diverse heritage. Born in Mumbai, India, she holds dual nationality—German and British—owing to her father, Michael Jaffray King, being British, and her mother, Irmgard King, being German.

What is Marieangela King’s Age, Height, and Weight?

As of the latest information available, Marieangela King was born on July 16, 1987, making her 36 years old. Standing at an approximate height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) and weighing around 55 kg (121 lbs), she presents an elegant and graceful presence. Her striking features include black hair and grey eyes, complementing her fair skin tone.

Who are Marieangela King’s Parents?

Marieangela King Family

Marieangela’s family plays a crucial role in shaping her identity. Her father, Michael Jaffray King, is a businessman, while her mother, Irmgard King, manages the household and cares for the children. Raised in a dynamic environment, Marieangela is one of seven siblings, including two brothers Trillion King and David Lucius King and four sisters Jazzy King, Ruby King, Michelle King, and Jemima King. The family’s shared experiences have led them to hold dual citizenships, reflecting their global upbringing in thirty different countries.

Who are Marieangela King’s Siblings?

Marieangela King grew up alongside six siblings in various countries worldwide. Her brothers, Trillion King and David Lucius King, and sisters, Jazzy King, Ruby King, Michelle King, and Jemima King, constitute her close-knit family.

Who is Marieangela King’s Husband?

Marieangela King and Elijah Blue Allman

Marieangela King’s romantic journey led her to Elijah Blue Allman, a well-known singer and musician. The couple met on a blind date, and their connection quickly deepened. They tied the knot on December 1, 2013, in a local church in Los Angeles, California, surrounded by close friends and family. Elijah Blue Allman, the son of Cher and Gregg Allman, is a prominent figure in the music industry, serving as the lead guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist of the industrial metal band Deadsy. As of December 2023, Marieangela King and Elijah Blue Allman do not have any children.

Marieangela King’s Early Life

Marieangela King’s early life was marked by the rich experiences of growing up in a musically inclined family. As a member of the “King” family band since its inception in 1997, she embarked on a musical journey at a young age. The band, consisting of five siblings, including Marieangela, gained recognition for its unique blend of pop and rock music.


Marieangela’s educational background deviates from the traditional path, as she did not attend conventional schools. Instead, her parents chose homeschooling as the method to impart knowledge to Marieangela and her siblings. This unconventional approach allowed her to complete her studies in a dynamic and personalized environment, reflecting the family’s commitment to education.

Marie Angela King is Part of Family Band “King”

Marieangela King Singing

Marieangela King’s career took flight as a musician within the family band “King.” Established in 1997, the band consisted of Trillion King, Lucius King, Jazzy King, Ruby King, and Marieangela. Despite early interest from record labels, the family declined offers, citing their youth as a factor in not committing to full-time musical pursuits. Over the years, the band showcased their talents on various platforms, including shows, television, and radio.

In 2008, Marieangela and her band released their first single, “Carry Me Home,” which soared to the top of the German music charts. Subsequent releases, such as “Perfect Day,” continued to garner positive responses. The family’s musical collaboration persisted, evolving into the creation of the group “Blonde Electra; Jemima” after the departure of Jazzy and Ruby.

Marieangela King Controversy

Marieangela King And husband

Renowned musician Marieangela King faces controversy amidst Cher’s legal filing for conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman. Cher cites Elijah’s severe mental health and substance abuse issues, expressing urgent concern over his financial resources. The legal documents question Marieangela’s suitability as Elijah’s conservator, citing a tumultuous relationship marked by drug addiction.

Cher emphasizes her relentless efforts for Elijah’s well-being. Marieangela’s silence adds complexity to the unfolding legal battle. The controversy, capturing public attention, unfolds against the backdrop of familial challenges and underscores the complexities within high-profile families dealing with personal crises.

What is Marieangela King’s Net Worth?

Marieangela King

While specific details about Marieangela King’s net worth remain undisclosed, it is estimated to be in the range of USD 1-2 million. Living in a luxurious villa with her husband and in-laws, Marieangela’s career in the music industry and entrepreneurial ventures contribute to her financial success.

Noteworthy Facts

  • Marieangela has traveled to more than 30 countries, reflecting her global upbringing.
  • She runs her own official clothing website.
  • Marieangela is multilingual, proficient in speaking four languages.
  • She and her husband, Elijah Blue Allman, did not invite her mother-in-law Cher to their wedding.

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Marie Angela King’s life is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, from her early days in the family band to her role as the wife of a prominent musician. Her journey reflects resilience, creativity, and a commitment to her craft. As Marieangela continues to make strides in the music industry, her story serves as an inspiration to those who appreciate the harmonious blend of talent, family, and individuality.


What is the relationship between Marieangela King and Cher?

Marieangela King is the daughter-in-law of Cher. Cher, a renowned singer and actress, is the mother of Elijah Blue Allman, who is Marieangela’s husband. Their relationship is that of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Who is Marieangela King’s husband?

Marieangela King’s husband is Elijah Blue Allman. He is a well-known singer and musician, the son of Cher and the late Gregg Allman. Elijah is the lead guitarist, lyricist, and vocalist of the industrial metal band Deadsy.

What is Marieangela King’s net worth?

As of available estimates, Angela King’s net worth is approximated to be between USD 1-2 million. However, it’s important to note that exact financial details might not be publicly disclosed.

What is Elijah Blue Allman’s net worth?

Elijah Blue Allman’s net worth is reported to be around $10 million. He has carved a name for himself in the music industry and has been involved in various musical projects throughout his career.

What is Marieangela King’s ethnicity?

Marieangela King belongs to a mixed ethnicity. Details about her specific ethnic background are not explicitly provided, but it’s mentioned that her father is British, and her mother is German. This mixed heritage contributes to her diverse cultural background.

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