Mikhaila Peterson Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Biography

Mikhaila Peterson Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Biography

Who is Mikhaila Peterson?

Mikhaila Peterson is a Canadian entrepreneur, health advocate, and podcast host, born on January 4, 1992. Renowned for overcoming severe health challenges, including juvenile idiopathic arthritis and depression, she transformed her life through a strict paleo diet, known as the Lion Diet, consisting mainly of ruminant meat. Daughter of the acclaimed psychologist Jordan Peterson, Mikhaila is a blogger, YouTuber, and founder of Fuller Health, producing pure supplements. Her dedication to holistic well-being is reflected in biotoxin.com, addressing environmental toxin illnesses, and Peterson Academy, an upcoming online education platform. Twice married, Mikhaila continues to inspire with her resilience and commitment to empowering others in their health journeys.


Mikhaila Peterson Youtber And entrepreneur
Full NameMikhaila Aleksis Peterson
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1992
Age (as of 2024)32 years
Place of BirthToronto, Ontario, Canada
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ParentsJordan Peterson (Father), Tammy Roberts (Mother)
SiblingsBrother: Julian Peterson
Marital StatusMarried (to Jordan M. Fuller, previously divorced from Andrey Korikov)
ChildrenDaughter: Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova (from the first marriage),
Boy: George Waddell Peterson Fuller (second child with Jordan M. Fuller)
Education– Concordia University (Psychology and Classics) – George Brown College Continuing Education (Makeup Artistry) – Ryerson University (Biological and Biomedical Sciences)
Career Highlights– Founder of The Lion Diet Inc. – CEO of Fuller Health – Co-founder and CEO of Peterson Academy (launching in spring 2024)
Notable Achievements– Overcoming severe health challenges through a strict paleo diet – Advocacy for holistic well-being – Entrepreneurial success with Fuller Health and Peterson Academy
Famous For– Health advocacy and overcoming health challenges – Lion Diet, a strict carnivorous diet – Podcasting and vlogging – Entrepreneurship in health supplements and online education
Net Worth (Estimated)$1.5 million
ResidenceMiami, Florida, United States
Social MediaInstagram Twitter
Current Ventures– Fuller Health (Health supplement brand) – Peterson Academy (Online education platform) – Biotoxin.com (Environmental toxin illness resource)
Upcoming Ventures– Peterson Academy (Launching in spring 2024)

What is Mikhaila Peterson’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

Mikhaila Peterson is of Canadian nationality, hailing from Toronto. Her ethnicity is white, reflecting her Canadian roots.

What is Mikhaila Peterson’s Age, Height, and Weight?

As of 2024, Mikhaila Peterson is 32 years old. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) and weighing around 58 kilograms (117 pounds), she maintains a healthy and active lifestyle.

Who are Mikhaila Peterson’s Parents?

Mikhaila Peterson With Family

Mikhaila is the daughter of Jordan Peterson, a renowned Canadian clinical psychologist, and Tammy Roberts. Growing up alongside her younger brother, Julian, Mikhaila’s family background has played a significant role in shaping her life and career.

Who is Mikhaila Peterson’s Husband? How Many Times Has Mikhaila Peterson Been Married?

Mikhaila Peterson And Jordan M. Fuller
Mikhaila Peterson And Jordan M. Fuller

Mikhaila Peterson has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Andrey Korikov, a Russian-born businessman, in July 2017. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce in November 2021. Following this, she entered into a new chapter of her life by getting engaged to Jordan M. Fuller in March 2022 and subsequently tying the knot in June 2022.

Who are Mikhaila Peterson’s Kids?

Mikhaila Peterson With Second Kid

Mikhaila Peterson is a mother to two children. Her firstborn is 6-year-old Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova, shared with her first husband, Andrey Korikov. Additionally, Mikhaila and her current husband, Jordan M. Fuller, welcomed their second child, George Waddell Peterson Fuller, on December 11, 2023. As a dedicated mother, Mikhaila balances her roles as a health advocate, entrepreneur, and podcast host while cherishing her family life.

Early Life

Mikhaila Peterson’s early life was marked by health challenges that began at the tender age of 2. Suffering from severe juvenile idiopathic arthritis, idiopathic hypersomnia, and severe depression, her childhood was far from ordinary. At the age of 7, she experienced inflammation in over 37 joints, leading to injections for ten of them, a routine she had to manage twice a week.

Her health struggles continued into her teenage years, culminating in surgeries to replace her hip and ankle joints at the age of 17. These surgeries were necessitated by the severity of her arthritis, which affected 37 joints and proved unresponsive to conventional medications.


Mikhaila Peterson

Despite her health challenges, Mikhaila Peterson pursued higher education with determination. In 2011, she enrolled at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, earning a degree in psychology. Later, she expanded her skill set by attending George Brown College Continuing Education, specializing in makeup artistry.

Continuing her academic journey, Mikhaila earned a bachelor’s degree in biological and biomedical sciences from Ryerson University in Ontario between 2014 and 2016. Her educational background equipped her with the knowledge to navigate the intersection of psychology, biology, and health—a foundation she would later draw upon in her advocacy work.


Mikhaila Peterson Wikipedia, Age, Husband

Mikhaila Peterson’s career took an unexpected turn as she transitioned from a challenging health journey to becoming a fitness blogger and diet expert. Inspired by her own transformative experience, she founded The Lion Diet Inc., a platform dedicated to sharing her dietary approach with others seeking improved health.

She garnered attention for her Lion Diet, an elimination diet centered around ruminant meat, particularly beef. This carnivorous approach, emphasizing simplicity and purity, resonated with individuals facing similar health struggles. Mikhaila’s success as a blogger led to the creation of a YouTube channel where she shares vlogs and podcasts, further extending her reach in the health and wellness community.

In addition to her online presence, Mikhaila Peterson ventured into entrepreneurship by launching Fuller Health, a supplement and product brand focused on delivering pure, non-toxic supplements. Her first product, After Party, aims to enhance mornings after drinking by aiding in the breakdown of acetaldehyde.

She also founded biotoxin.com, addressing illnesses caused by environmental toxins, such as mold toxicity. The website provides a comprehensive guide to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and serves as a resource hub for individuals dealing with toxin-related health issues.

Mikhaila Peterson has taken her commitment to education a step further by co-founding Peterson Academy, an online education platform set to launch in spring 2024. The platform aims to provide affordable education through 8-hour courses taught by world-renowned professors, fostering a community for students to connect.

What is Mikhaila Peterson’s Net Worth?

Mikhaila Peterson Wikipedia, Biography

As of current estimates, Mikhaila Peterson’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million. This valuation encompasses her various ventures, including her YouTube channel, blog “Don’t Eat That,” Instagram, brand promotions, and entrepreneurial endeavors such as Fuller Health.

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In conclusion, Mikhaila Peterson’s journey from overcoming severe health challenges to becoming a multifaceted entrepreneur and advocate—serves as an inspiration to many. Her commitment to promoting resilience, personal responsibility, and holistic well-being continues to shape her career, impacting the lives of those who follow her online platforms and businesses. As she embarks on new ventures like Peterson Academy, Mikhaila Peterson remains a prominent figure in the world of health, education, and entrepreneurship.

FAQs Related to The ‘Mikhaila Peterson Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Biography’

Why is Mikhaila Peterson so famous?

Mikhaila Peterson gained fame for her remarkable journey in overcoming severe health challenges through a strict diet. As a health advocate, entrepreneur, and podcast host, she shares her experiences and promotes holistic well-being, resonating with a global audience.

How many times has Mikhaila Peterson been married?

Mikhaila Peterson has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Andrey Korikov, a Russian-born businessman, which ended in divorce. Subsequently, she got engaged to Jordan M. Fuller and married him in June 2022.

Who is Mikhaila Peterson’s first husband?

Andrey Korikov is Mikhaila Peterson’s first husband. They were married in July 2017, and from this marriage, they share a daughter named Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova.

Does Mikhaila Peterson have children?

Yes, Mikhaila Peterson has children. She is a mother to a daughter named Elizabeth Scarlett Peterson Korikova, born during her first marriage to Andrey Korikov. Mikhaila Peterson and Jordan Fuller welcomed their second child, George Waddell Peterson Fuller, on December 11, 2023.

What is Mikhaila Peterson’s net worth?

Mikhaila Peterson’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. This valuation considers her various ventures, including her YouTube channel, blog “Don’t Eat That,” and the entrepreneurial endeavor Fuller Health, among others.

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