Which Red Sox Player Did Alex Cooper Date? Mike Napoli? Fact or Fiction?

Which Red Sox Player Did Alex Cooper Date Mike Napoli Fact or Fiction

Which Red Sox Player Did Alex Cooper Date?

Fans of Alex Cooper, the host of the popular podcast Call Her Daddy, have long been curious about her past romantic relationships. In a particular episode, Cooper mentioned dating a Boston Red Sox player during her sophomore year at Boston University. This revelation sparked widespread speculation. Many believe the player to be Mike Napoli, a former catcher and first baseman for the Red Sox, based on clues provided by Reddit fans and corroborated by TikTok fans. Despite the lack of official confirmation from either Alex Cooper or Mike Napoli, the evidence points strongly in his direction, making this a fascinating topic for fans of both Cooper and baseball.

Who is Alex Cooper?

Alex Cooper
Podcaster The Alex Cooper

Alexandra Cooper, known as Alex Cooper, is a prominent American podcaster who has made a significant impact in the podcasting industry. Born on August 21, 1994, in Newtown, Pennsylvania, she was raised in a family deeply involved in sports, with her father working as a TV sports producer. Cooper attended The Pennington School in Mercer County, New Jersey, and later pursued studies in film and television at Boston University, where she also competed on the Division I soccer team.

In 2018, Cooper and her roommate Sofia Franklyn co-created Call Her Daddy, a podcast known for its candid discussions on dating, relationships, and sexuality. The podcast quickly gained popularity for its raw and unfiltered content, leading to its acquisition by Barstool Sports within a month of its launch. Call Her Daddy saw an exponential rise in listenership, with downloads soaring from 12,000 to 2 million in just two months.

Cooper’s career reached new heights in 2021 when she secured a groundbreaking three-year, $60 million exclusive deal with Spotify, solidifying her as one of the highest-earning podcasters globally. Known for her ability to land high-profile interviews, she has been dubbed “Gen-Z’s Barbara Walters” and was recognized in 2023 on the Time 100 Next list for her influence and achievements in media.

Who is Mike Napoli?

Mike Napoli The Red Sox Player
Mike Napoli The Red Sox Player

Mike Napoli is a former professional baseball player known for his time as a catcher and first baseman. Born on October 31, 1981, in Hollywood, Florida, Napoli attended Charles W. Flanagan High School. He was drafted by the Anaheim Angels (now Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) in the 17th round of the 2000 MLB Draft. Napoli made his MLB debut with the Angels in 2006 and later played for the Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, and Cleveland Indians.

Napoli’s career highlights include being an All-Star in 2012 and winning the World Series with the Red Sox in 2013. He was known for his power-hitting capabilities and set single-season records for most strikeouts with both the Red Sox and the Indians. After retiring as a player, Napoli transitioned to coaching and has served as the first base coach for the Chicago Cubs since the 2022 season.

Why “Alex Cooper Red Sox Ex”, “Alex Cooper Red Sox Player Boyfriend” and “Alex Cooper Ex Boyfriend Red Sox” Trending?

Alex Cooper Date Mike Napoli Trend on Tiktok
Alex Cooper Date Mike Napoli Trend on Tiktok

The trending fascination with ‘Alex Cooper Red Sox Ex’ and ‘Alex Cooper Ex Boyfriend Red Sox’ revolves around a revelation made by Alex Cooper on her podcast Call Her Daddy. During an episode, Cooper disclosed that she had dated a Boston Red Sox player while attending Boston University as a sophomore, sparking intense interest and speculation among her listeners and fans. This revelation prompted many to wonder, ‘Who was the Red Sox player Alex Cooper dated?’ In search of this question, some have speculated that it might be Mike Napoli. Let’s explore the revelations made on Reddit and TikTok regarding Alex Cooper’s Red Sox ex-boyfriend.

1. TikTok Revelation by wemma4

TikTok user wemma4 asserted in a video that Alex Cooper and Mike Napoli had dated. This claim garnered widespread attention, with the MLB Official TikTok account acknowledging the video’s investigative effort by commenting, “That’s some serious sleuthing.” The video itself amassed 268K views and received 13K likes on TikTok, underscoring its impact and the public’s interest in uncovering details about Alex Cooper’s romantic past.

2. Reddit Discussion on Alex Cooper Ex Boyfriend Red Sox

Which Red Sox Player Did Alex Cooper Date Mike Napoli Trend on Reddit
Alex Cooper Date Mike Napoli Trend on Reddit

Here’s a detailed breakdown about Alex Cooper’s rumored relationship with a Boston Red Sox player discussed and trending on Reddit:

Original Post by Simple_Concern On Reddit:

“So in today’s episode, Alex Cooper said she dated a Red Sox player her sophomore year at BU. Does anyone know Alex Cooper’s ex boyfriend from the Red Sox? I know she dated Noah Syndergaard, but he’s on the Mets, so it’s not him. Just curious because I live in Boston and I am super intrigued lol.”

Response by Organizedchaos90:

Just some light research to narrow this down:

BU athletics confirm she was a sophomore in 2014.

Born in 1994, she was 20 years old then. She mentioned the guy she dated was 13 years older, making him 33.

According to Baseball Reference, these players were 33 years old during the 2014 season:

  • Craig Breslow (married in 2013)
  • Jonny Gomes (married in 2009)
  • Jake Peavy (married in 2000)
  • Ryan Roberts (married in 2008)
  • Shane Victorino (married in 2009)
  • Kelly Johnson

Since all these players were married by 2014, let’s consider Mike Napoli (married in 2008) and Kelly Johnson, who were 32. Based on this information, Mike Napoli seems to fit the profile. A quick Google search indicates he was engaged from 2011 to 2012 but never married. My bet is on Mike Napoli.

Additional Comment by WhenSoulMeetsBody_: “It was Napoli. Went to college with her and saw them together many times at the local bar in Newbury.”

These insights from Reddit users provide a structured analysis of Alex Cooper’s revelation, pointing towards Mike Napoli as the likely Red Sox player she dated during her college years.

Is Mike Napoli Alex Cooper’s Ex Boyfriend From the Red Sox?

Is Mike Napoli Alex Cooper's Ex Boyfriend From the Red Sox
Alex Cooper and Mike Napoli

While neither Alex Cooper nor Mike Napoli has officially confirmed their past relationship, the circumstantial evidence and fan-driven investigations have created a strong case. The connection between Alex Cooper and Mike Napoli highlights the intersection of sports and entertainment, drawing attention from diverse fan bases. Cooper’s rise to fame with Call Her Daddy has been marked by candid discussions about her personal life, resonating with her audience through honest and provocative content. Napoli’s successful MLB career and subsequent coaching role add to the intrigue, making him a compelling figure beyond his athletic achievements.

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The mystery surrounding which Red Sox player Alex Cooper dated has ignited intense online discussions and trending hashtags like ‘Alex Cooper Red Sox Ex’ and ‘Alex Cooper Ex Boyfriend Red Sox’. Mike Napoli is widely speculated to be the candidate, supported by circumstantial evidence, yet neither Cooper nor Napoli has confirmed the relationship. This convergence of sports and celebrity culture underscores the public’s keen interest in unraveling personal details of public figures. Cooper’s podcasting prowess amplifies intrigue, resonating deeply with audiences, while Napoli’s potential involvement adds a captivating layer to his sports legacy. Until confirmed, speculation continues to swirl, with many leaning towards Mike Napoli as the likely candidate.

FAQs Related to The ‘Which Red Sox Player Did Alex Cooper Date?’

Who was the Red Sox player Alex Cooper dated?

Many Reddit and TikTok accounts speculate that the Red Sox player Alex Cooper dated was Mike Napoli.

Was Mike Napoli in the Red Sox in 2014?

Yes, Mike Napoli played for the Boston Red Sox in the 2013 and 2014 seasons. He was a prominent player during his time with the team.

Why are “Red Sox player Alex Cooper dated” and “Alex Cooper Red Sox Ex” trending?

These topics trend due to the mystery surrounding the identity of the Red Sox player Alex Cooper dated. Speculation and discussions on platforms like Reddit and TikTok have heightened interest in uncovering this information.

Has Alex Cooper confirmed who her Red Sox ex-boyfriend is?

Alex Cooper has not officially confirmed the identity of her Red Sox ex-boyfriend, leading to ongoing speculation among fans and followers of her podcast.

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