Straw Hat Crew’s Bounties After Wano Arc Revealed

Straw Hat Crew's Bounties After Wano Arc Revealed

What Are The Straw Hat Crew’s Bounties After The Wano Arc?

The Straw Hat Pirates, led by Monkey D. Luffy, made a significant impact in One Piece during the Wano Country battles. Following these intense encounters, each Straw Hat member found themselves with higher bounties on their heads. Something monumental also occurred – Luffy is now an Emperor! Concurrently, the One Piece world has undergone significant changes, with Buggy now recognized as one of the Emperors and the absence of Kaido and Big Mom. These transformations are mirrored in the increased bounties of the Straw Hat Crew. Let’s delve into how much each member’s reward has escalated after these impactful events.

Straw Hat Crew’s Bounties

Straw Hat MemberBounty (After Wano)
Tony Tony Chopper1,000 Berries
Nami366 million Berries
Brook383 million Berries
Franky394 million Berries
Usopp500 million Berries
Nico Robin930 million Berries
Sanji1.032 billion Berries
Jinbe1.1 billion Berries
Roronoa Zoro1.111 billion Berries
Monkey D. Luffy3 billion Berries

Chopper’s Bounty 1,000 Berries

Chopper Bounty
Image Source : Toei Animation

Starting at the lower end of the bounty spectrum, Tony Tony Chopper, the crew’s adorable reindeer doctor, received a modest increase. His bounty might seem trivial compared to his crewmates, but Chopper’s value lies not only in his combat prowess but also in his medical expertise and evolving strength.

Nami’s Bounty 366 million Berries

Nami Bounty

Moving up the ranks, Nami, the crew’s navigator, showcased her formidable skills during the Wano arc. The climactic battle against Ulti, one of the Beast Pirates’ strongest, demonstrated Nami’s growth as a fighter, especially with the assistance of the weather-controlling Zeus, leading to her bounty skyrocketing to an impressive 366 million Berries.

Brook‘s Bounty 383 million Berries

Brook Bounty

Soul King Brook’s bounty surged to 383 million Berries, reflecting his invaluable contributions during the Wano battles. Though not defeating a major adversary directly, Brook’s support role in aiding fellow Straw Hats and facing numerous opponents showcased his strength and strategic importance.

Franky‘s Bounty– 394 million Berries

Franky Bounty

The crew’s shipwright, Franky, received a noteworthy boost, raising his bounty from 94 million Berries to 394 million Berries. Franky’s pivotal role in defeating Sasaki of the Beast Pirates and his use of General Franky undoubtedly contributed to his increased recognition by the World Government.

Usopp’s Bounty- 500 million Berries

Usopp Bounty

Despite not being a central figure in the Onigashima raid, Usopp’s penchant for tall tales played a role in his bounty increase. The marksman’s bounty now stands at an impressive 500 million Berries, a testament to his growing reputation and the unpredictability of his actions.

Nico Robin’s Bounty- 930 million Berries

Nico Robin Bounty

Nico Robin, the archaeologist with a penchant for deciphering Poneglyphs, witnessed a staggering increase in her bounty. From 130 million Berries, Robin’s new bounty sits at an imposing 930 million Berries. Her defeat of Black Maria, a member of the Tobiroppo, showcased the World Government’s fear of her ability to uncover the mysteries of the Void Century.

Sanji‘s Bounty– 1.032 billion Berries

Sanji Bounty

Vinsmoke Sanji, the Straw Hats’ suave cook, emerged from the Wano arc with a bounty that surpassed the billion-Berry mark. His new bounty of 1.032 billion Berries reflects his defeat of Queen the Plague and his instrumental role in key moments during the battle, showcasing the true power of his Germa-enhanced abilities.

Jinbe’s Bounty- 1.1 billion Berries

Jinbe Bounty

Newcomer Jinbe, the fishman helmsman, has swiftly risen to prominence within the crew. His bounty soared from 438 million Berries to a formidable 1.1 billion Berries. Jinbe’s victory over Who’s Who of the Beast Pirates and his efforts in quelling the fires of Onigashima solidified his position as one of the crew’s powerhouses.

Roronoa Zoro‘s Bounty– 1.111 billion Berries

Zoro Bounty

Roronoa Zoro, the crew’s swordsman, played a pivotal role in the Wano arc, earning him a bounty increase from 320 million Berries to an astounding 1.111 billion Berries. Zoro’s defeat of King the Conflagration and his overall prowess in battles against top-tier opponents showcased his evolution as one of the world’s most formidable swordsmen.

Monkey D. Luffy, The Future Pirate King’s Bounty 3 billion Berries

Luffy Bounty

At the pinnacle of the Straw Hat crew’s bounties is none other than their captain, Monkey D. Luffy. Following the defeat of Kaido and the utilization of his new Gear 5 technique, Luffy’s bounty has doubled, reaching an unprecedented 3 billion Berries. Now recognized as one of the Emperors of the Sea, Luffy and his crew stand as one of the most formidable forces in the world, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

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The Straw Hat crew’s bounties after the Wano arc not only reflect their individual growth and achievements but also underscore their collective strength as a crew. As they continue their journey towards the unknown, these bounties serve as a testament to the Straw Hats’ increasing notoriety and their unwavering determination to pursue their dreams.

FAQ about Straw Hat Crew’s Bounties

Who has the highest bounty in the Straw Hat crew after the Wano arc?

As of the latest update post Wano arc, Monkey D. Luffy holds the highest bounty among the Straw Hat crew members, standing at an impressive 3 billion Berries.

Does Sanji’s bounty remain higher than Zoro’s after Wano?

No, Sanji’s bounty is surpassed by Roronoa Zoro after the Wano arc. Zoro’s bounty of 1.111 billion Berries exceeds Sanji’s, marking a shift in their respective wanted levels.

Is Jinbe’s bounty higher than Sanji’s, and why?

Yes, Jinbe’s bounty surpasses Sanji’s after Wano, reaching 1.1 billion Berries. This increase is attributed to Jinbe’s victory over Who’s Who and his significant contributions during the Wano Country arc.

When will Chopper’s bounty increase, and why?

Chopper’s bounty is expected to increase when the World Government recognizes his true capabilities. Once they acknowledge him not as a mere pet but as the crew’s skilled doctor and combatant, his bounty is likely to see a significant boost.

Why is Nico Robin’s bounty so high?

Nico Robin’s bounty is exceptionally high due to her role as a Poneglyph reader and her connection to the Void Century. Her ability to decipher Poneglyphs makes her a significant threat in uncovering the world’s hidden history, leading to increased attention from the World Government. Additionally, her involvement in the events of the Wano arc, including defeating Black Maria, contributed to the spike in her bounty.

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