Twomad Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Biography

Twomad Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Biography

Let’s explore the captivating world of ‘Twomad Wiki,’ delving into the intricate details of Muudea Sedik’s life. From uncovering his age, height, and family background to unraveling the mysteries surrounding his personal relationships, this biography offers a comprehensive journey through Twomad’s early life and notable career milestones.

Who was Twomad?

Muudea Sedik, widely known by his online alias “Twomad,” was a Canadian YouTuber and Twitch streamer whose charismatic personality and diverse content gained immense popularity since his rise in 2017. Born on December 17, 2000, in Canada, Twomad made a significant impact in the online gaming and content creation community.

Twomad Biography

Twomad Biography
Full NameMuudea Sedik (Known as Twomad)
Date of BirthDecember 17, 2000
Age at Death23 (at the time of his passing on Feb 13, 2024)
Place of BirthCanada
OccupationYouTuber, Gamer
YouTube ChannelTwomad on YouTube
Twitch ChannelTwomad on Twitch
TwitterTwomad on Twitter
InstagramTwomad on Instagram
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight62 kg
Cause of DeathSpeculated drug overdose (Feb 13, 2024)
Net Worth$5 million (approx.)
ControversiesAccusations of sexual assault and disturbing conversations
Relationship StatusSingle (at the time of last available information)

What was Twomad’s Ethnicity and Nationality?

Twomad Wiki Biography

Twomad belonged to an Ethiopian family and held Canadian nationality. His unique cultural background likely contributed to the distinct flair in his content, setting him apart in the competitive world of online entertainment.

What was Twomad’s Age, Height, and Weight?

As of his last known information in 2024, Twomad was 23 years old, standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighing around 62 kilograms. His striking features, including black eyes and hair, added to his charismatic online persona.

Who are Twomad’s Parents?

Unfortunately, details about Twomad’s parents remain undisclosed in the public domain. The private nature of his personal life meant that specific information about his family background was not widely known.

Who are Twomad’s Siblings?

Similar to information about his parents, details about Twomad’s siblings were not available. Twomad kept his personal life relatively private, focusing more on sharing his content and experiences with his online audience.

Who was Twomad’s Girlfriend?

As of the latest available information, Twomad, whose real name was Muudea Sedik, was reported to be single and focused on his career. There hasn’t been any confirmed information about a girlfriend.

Early Life

Twomad, born Muudea Sedik on December 17, 2000, spent his early years in Canada, where he likely developed a passion for gaming and content creation. The details of his early life are relatively unknown, as he chose to keep aspects of his personal history private.


Twomad Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend

Details regarding Twomad’s educational background are also not readily available. It’s possible that he preferred to focus on his online endeavors rather than disclose information about his academic pursuits.


Twomad kickstarted his career on YouTube in 2016, venturing into the realms of comedy, pranks, gaming, and challenges. One of his initial videos, titled “WHEN TORBJORN MOLTEN CORES,” quickly went viral, marking the beginning of his online success. With over a hundred videos on his YouTube channel, “twomad 360,” he amassed a substantial following of around 2.19 million subscribers.

Known for his live-streaming activities on both Twitch and YouTube, Twomad showcased his skills as an Overwatch and Fortnite gamer. His content often featured humorous skits, gaming commentary, and collaborations with other internet personalities.

What is Twomad’s Net Worth?

As of the last available data in 2024, Twomad’s net worth was estimated at $5 million. His income primarily stemmed from various sources, including YouTube, gaming, and social media activities.

Twomad Controversy

Twomad Wiki

In recent times, Twomad faced serious accusations following the release of incriminating evidence against him by a Twitter user (@GlocksGoldi). The allegations included instances of sexual assault (SA) and disturbing conversations, raising concerns within the online community.

The victim shared screenshots of Discord conversations where Twomad allegedly requested her to watch graphic videos together. Additionally, a video of Twomad issuing an apology for SA was presented as evidence. Twomad, in response, vehemently refuted these allegations on his Twitter account, attributing them to what he referred to as “cancel culture.”

In the midst of the controversy, it’s crucial to await the results of any investigations and legal proceedings to ensure a fair and accurate understanding of the situation.

Twomad’s Tragic Passing: Remembering a Social Media Star

Twomad Youtuber Wiki

Muudea Sedik, widely known as Twomad, tragically passed away on February 13, 2024, at the age of 23. The circumstances surrounding his death remain under investigation, with the Los Angeles Police Department conducting a welfare check after he was unresponsive for several days. Found at his residence in Los Angeles, California, the cause of death is speculated to be a drug overdose. Twomad’s demise deeply impacted the online community, as he was celebrated for his humor and diverse content. Fans and fellow content creators mourned the loss of this prominent YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

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In summary, Muudea Sedik, or Twomad, left a significant impact on the online entertainment scene, with a career that showcased his humor, gaming prowess, and diverse content. However, his untimely passing and the subsequent controversies serve as a reminder of the complexities that can accompany internet fame. It is essential to approach such situations with sensitivity and await official investigations for a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding Twomad’s life and legacy.

FAQs Related to The Twomad Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Biography

What is Twomad’s age?

Twomad, also known as Muudea Sedik, was born on December 17, 2000, making him 23 years old as of 2024.

When did Twomad die?

Twomad passed away on February 13, 2024. The circumstances surrounding his death have raised questions and sparked investigations.

What was the cause of Twomad’s death?

As of the latest available information, the exact cause of Twomad’s death remains undisclosed. Authorities speculate it may be related to a fatal drug overdose, but official investigations are ongoing.

What was Twomad’s net worth?

Twomad’s net worth was estimated to be around $5 million. His income sources included YouTube, gaming, and social media platforms. It’s important to note that these figures are approximations and may change over time.

Did Twomad face any controversies?

Yes, Twomad faced controversies, including serious accusations shared on social media. These allegations involved instances of sexual assault and disturbing conversations. Both Twomad and the accuser shared their perspectives on the events, leading to a public discussion.

Did Twomad kill himself?

Twomad tragically passed away on February 13, 2024, and the circumstances surrounding his death are under investigation. Until reliable information is confirmed, it is speculated that the cause of death may be a drug overdose.

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