Where is Alix Kendall Now? What Happened to Alix Kendall?

Where is Alix Kendall Now What Happened to Alix Kendall

Where is Alix Kendall Now?

Alix Kendall, a prominent journalist and co-host of “The Fox 9 Morning News” and “Good Day” in Minnesota, recently underwent successful hip surgery on June 25, 2024, as per her Instagram post. She shared updates indicating her recovery process is progressing well. Kendall uses an icing compression system about six times a day as part of her rehabilitation routine. Her positive posts, including enjoying her recovery rituals outdoors, reflect her optimistic outlook. Despite the surgery, Kendall remains active and engaged with her audience, providing regular updates on her health and progress. Her dedication to recovery and transparency with her followers has garnered significant support and well-wishes from her fans.

Who is Alix Kendall?

Alix Kendall Now

Alix Kendall is an Emmy Award-winning American journalist known for being the co-host of “The Fox 9 Morning News” and “Good Day,” positions she has held since the channel’s inception in 1999. Born on May 9, 1962, in Minneapolis, she is 62 years old as of 2024. Kendall graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Minnesota.

Before embarking on her broadcasting career, Kendall worked as a disc jockey in Minneapolis and Omaha. She then served as a Reporter/Anchor for KRQE-TV in Albuquerque and played a pivotal role in launching the morning show on FOX 19 (WXIX-TV) in Cincinnati. Her diverse background in media has made her a versatile and respected figure in journalism.

At FOX 9, Kendall has become a staple of the morning news, also hosting “The FOX 9 Morning Buzz.” Her engaging presence and ability to connect with viewers have earned her a loyal following. Beyond her professional achievements, Kendall is a devoted mother to her teenage daughter, Kaitlyn, and is known for her dedication to both her career and family.

What Happened to Alix Kendall?

What Happened to Alix Kendall

Alix Kendall, a prominent journalist and morning news anchor at KMSP FOX 9 in Minneapolis, recently faced a significant health challenge and underwent hip surgery. Here are the detailed points about what happened to Alix Kendall:

  • Hip Surgery Announcement: On June 25, 2024, Alix Kendall shared on her Instagram that she had undergone hip surgery. She informed her followers that the surgery was successful and she was already up and walking soon after the procedure. This news was met with relief and well-wishes from her audience.
  • Surgeon and Procedure: The surgery was performed by Dr. Anseth Scott, a skilled and experienced surgeon. Kendall expressed gratitude towards Dr. Scott and the medical team for their excellent care and successful operation.
Alix Kendall Hip Surgery
Alix Kendall Hip Surgery
  • Post-Surgery Recovery: As part of her recovery process, Kendall has been diligently following a rehabilitation routine. This includes using an icing compression system about six times a day to reduce swelling and pain, promoting faster healing. She shared that doing this ritual outside, enjoying the sun, has been a positive change in her routine.
  • Instagram Updates: Kendall has been open about her recovery journey on social media. Five days after the surgery, she posted an update saying, “I’m GAME READY! Part of my recovery process has been using an icing compression system about 6 times a day. Now that the sun is out, doing the ritual outside is a game changer. #hiprehab.” Her transparency has provided encouragement and inspiration to many.
  • Support from Fans and Followers: Kendall’s openness about her surgery and recovery has garnered significant support from her fans and followers on Instagram and social media. Fans are supporting her for a speedy recovery and admiring her decision to undergo surgery at the age of 62. They have expressed their well-wishes and admiration for her courage and transparency during this challenging time.

Alix Kendall’s journey through hip surgery and recovery is a testament to her resilience and positive attitude. Her dedication to following her post-surgery protocols and her willingness to share her experience with her audience have made her an inspiration to many.

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“The Fox 9 Morning News” and “Good Day” co-host Alix Kendall’s absence from these roles has sparked curiosity among fans, wondering, “Where is Alix Kendall right now?” and “What happened to Alix Kendall?” Rest assured, her journey continues towards full health after undergoing successful hip surgery on June 25, 2024, as shared on her Instagram. Known for her resilience in journalism, Kendall embraces a rigorous rehabilitation routine, including frequent use of an icing compression system, while maintaining an optimistic outlook. Her candidness about the challenges and victories of her recovery journey inspires many, highlighting the importance of perseverance and self-care. As Kendall progresses in her healing, her supporters eagerly await her return, acknowledging her significant impact both professionally and personally.

FAQs Related to The “Where is Alix Kendall Now? What Happened to Alix Kendall?’

Did Alix Kendall have hip surgery?

Alix Kendall underwent successful hip surgery on June 25, 2024, as per her Instagram post. She is currently in recovery and progressing well.

Is Alix Kendall sick?

No, Alix Kendall is not sick. She underwent hip surgery and is now focusing on her recovery process.

Why is Alix Kendall absent from “The Fox 9 Morning News” and “Good Day”?

Alix Kendall is absent from her co-hosting roles due to her recent hip surgery and subsequent recovery process. She is focusing on her health and well-being during this time.

What happened to Alix Kendall in July 2024?

In July 2024, Alix Kendall shared updates about her successful hip surgery and the progress of her recovery journey on her Instagram account.

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